Thursday, 17 September 2009

Vodafone Launch Wireless Mobile Broadband Router

Vodafone has launched a wireless mobile broadband router with the snappy title 'Vodafone Mobile Broadband Hotspot'. The VMBH will allow users to set up WiFi networks for multiple devices all using a single Mobile Broadband signal.

The device would seem to be similar to 3's MiFi which was launched last month which also allows multiple devices to get online via mobile broadband using a wireless connection. The routers are aimed at business users or those in larger households without a phone line. Only those receiving the best mobile broadband signal will be able to reliably connect more than one laptop and still receive decent download speeds.

“The Vodafone Mobile Broadband Hotspot offers mobile professionals, students and families a one-touch connectivity solution that turns Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as MP3 players and laptops into connected mobile internet devices,”
Huw Medcraft Vodafone mobile broadband director.
The device itself has been named the MiFi 2352 which sounds similar to 3's MiFi. It will be interesting to see if 3 have trademarked the MiFi name and if so what action they take.

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