Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Importance of Backing Up

If you have ever had the misfortune to lose data from your computer you will have experienced people telling you that you really should backup your data. While this is great advice it is very bad timing, by this point you are left in no doubt about the importance of securing your data! There are two main methods of backing up: online and offline both of which we will cover in this post.


Online backup is the most straightforward method as it is easier to automate than offline backup. There are lots of companies which offer online backup for business as well as those offering solutions for individuals. Backing up your data online is safer than using offline devices such as portable hard drives which people often store alongside their computer. Once set up online backup software runs in the background which means that it doesn't rely on you to remember to back up.


For most individuals offline backup normally takes the form of an external hard drive. For businesses offline backup normally takes the form of a shared drive or network (although is is arguably not entirely 'offline'). This means that should your computer fail you will still be able to recover your files.

Which ever method you chose it is well worth having a plan for how you keep your data secure. These days we spend more and more time online and using our computers. Most people have a digital camera and listen to mp3s meaning that we now have more to lose than ever before.

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