Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Chinese Smartphone

This is the newest smart phone concept to emerge from China. Dubbed the 'Line Phone' it has already been the recipient of industry plaudits. These include the coveted 2010 Furong Cup ‘Digital Product and Service Design Competition’ in China.

It remains to be seen what Apple have up their sleeve for the iPhone 5 due out in the summer, but the smart money is on a moderate evolution rather than the emergence of any drastic and innovative design concepts.

Although the phone is just at the concept stage it is already generating quite a lot of interest. One problem that will have to be overcome is achieving a level of brand equity that can compete with the giants already in this market. If the hardware can match the hype however then the handsets featuring this design DNA will surely get consumers raiding their savings accounts to upgrade before the end of their contracts.

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