Thursday, 14 April 2011

Divorce? Turns out, theres an app for that...

Divorce, the breaking of the 'unbreakable' bond of of holy matrimony, is more popular than it has ever been. Whether you are bored and want a change or want to punish them for calling you fat by making sure they can't see their kids, so-called 'reverse-weddings' are seen by many as the way to go. Splitting up is never easy to do, but now there is an app which says it can help.

The iPhone app in question is called 'Divorce?'. It is on sale for £9.99 from the iTunes's store. It aims to make the process of getting divorced as fun and trendy as a game of 'Angry Birds'.

The ins and outs of divorce are all explored, including the financial side. It is intended to inform couples who want to split of what the deal is before they get into the formal legal stages.

As an idea, it is an interesting one. By taking some of the expensive legal knowledge and making it available via an app accessibility to legal services is improved. Getting a solicitor on board is a big commitment in itself, so perhaps knowing what is in store can help people to get what what they want from the process.

Solicitors, of course, engage in a wide variety of work. Making a will is possibly something that could benefit from an app made by legal experts. Whether you would want you iPhone to put on a wig and defend you before a judge though, seems less likely.

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