Monday, 8 February 2010

Samsung Lauches First Dual-SIM Handset

Samsung have announced the forthcoming release of their first dual-SIM mobile handset this week. The handset which has been given the snappy title 'B5722' will be the first phone to combine a touch screen with duel SIM capabilities. It will be fist released in India but Samsung will no doubt be planning a worldwide release within 2010.

"The phone boasts of features like a decent 3.2 mega pixel camera, 30 MB memory (expandable to 8 GB with SD card) and a very respectable 14 hours of talk and a 20 day standby time. The B5722 is a GSM+GSM dual SIM phone and the user will be able to use two GSM SIM cards in a single phone. Users can switch from one SIM to another without having to switch off the handset."

The benefits of being able to use two SIMs in one device will be clear to anyone who uses a phone, such as the Nokia E71 which uses multiple 'profiles'. Those with a work phone and a personal handset will also be able to benefit from combining devices. With the proliferation of free SIM card offers and deals with different monthly usages means that using two contract SIMs could be a great money saver also.

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