Thursday, 9 July 2009

Mobile Broadband Coverage Maps Published by Ofcom

The Office of Communications has today published a series of maps showing mobile broadband 'not spots' around the UK. A 'not spot' is an area where no 3G connection is possible leaving consumers either unable to connect or only able to connect via a slower than 3G connection. As those in a 'not spot' may tell you, having a slower than 3G connection can stretch the definition of 'broadband' speeds a little too far.

The maps aim to make the choice for potential mobile broadband customers a little easier by showing clearly which areas are not well covered. Those in more rural areas seem to be the worst affected with Scotland receiving very little coverage by any of the main providers. Those in northern Wales also seem unlikely to get a great signal.

A map has been provided for each of the five main mobile broadband providers with Three Mobile Broadband and Orange appearing to have the most coverage. London is the best area for coverage which comes as no surprise. All five of the maps are available as a pdf from the Ofcom site. Those considering a pay as you go mobile broadband contract would be advised to check these maps before going ahead.

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