Monday, 15 June 2009

Cheap Offers Increasing Broadband Takeup.

The increase in competition in the Broadband industry is benefiting consumers and increasing the amount of homes going online. Cheaper offers are expected to mean that only one quarter of the population will not have some form of connection by the end of the year. The UK is currently 11th in the world rankings when it comes to Broadband penetration with around 60% of households having an internet connection.

The big Broadband success of the past few years must have been Mobile Broadband. Deals which include a laptop for a monthly fee have been well targeted at those who do not have a fixed phone line as well as those who's only use for a computer would be in order to access the internet. The availability of pay as you go mobile broadband is improving with approximately 99% of the country able to receive data. Fees of around £15-£20 are more palatable to consumers than the idea of buying a laptop outright then paying a monthly fee on top.

Mobile Broadband specialist 3 has unveiled it's latest plan which may be their best mobile broadband offer. Users can get 15gb a month for £15 rising to only £22.50 with a free laptop. With deals like that (and many others for different providers, for instance Vodaphone) there is no longer any excuse not not be connected.

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