Friday, 26 June 2009

Is The Recession Boosting Mobile Broadband Sales?

Mobile broadband continues to attract new customers, it's growth unhampered by the global recession. A report by the EITO (European Information Technology Observatory) has predicted that the UK wireless communications market will grow by 6.6% in 2009.

“Thanks to new applications and attractive devices, mobile telecommunications remains a growth market in spite of the economic crisis“ EITO-Chairman Bruno Lamborghini

The UK is leading the charge with the highest growth rate in Europe with mobile revenues expected to grow by 3.8%. Internet browsing is having a massive impact of mobile phone design as the increase in average screens size shows. Mobile browsing capabilities are now becoming the most important feature for many when looking for a new phone.

Mobile broadband provides a lower cost alternative to traditional fixed line broadband due to lower monthly data costs and lack of line rental fees. Those looking for short term or more flexible contracts are turning to mobile broadband. Improvements in the 3G infrastructure have reduced the difference in connection speeds between mobile broadband and fixed line connections. The availability of pay as you go mobile broadband deals mean that those with lower monthly usage levels are able to take advantage of lowers costs based on their exact usage.

Some of the best mobile broadband deals offer free laptops as part of a monthly subscription and this has no doubt helped to boost take up. Getting online is now a similar process to getting a mobile phone contract and younger users are more comfortable with this than with fixed line subscriptions.

Being the lower-cost alternative has been good more mobile broadband companies with the recession changing the face of the industry. The ability to spread the cost of buying a laptop appeals to customers who feel less financially secure.

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