Friday, 12 June 2009

How To Lock Your Wireless

A recent survey has shown that a large number of broadband users in the UK have left themselves open to piggybacking. If you don't know what that means then you may well be one of them, here is everything you need to know about Wireless security.

When someone uses your unlocked wireless connection to access the internet it is called piggybacking. This can be a bad thing for you for several reasons.

  • Your connection may be slowed down. Sharing your bandwidth with others can be frustrating and slow.

  • You may end up paying extra. If you have a monthly limit on your downloads someone using your wireless may cause you to exceed this. Remember some 'unlimited' broadband packages have fair usage limits.

  • If the person piggybacking is downloading illegal content you could be liable for prosecution.

If you use wireless broadband via your telephone line you need to know how to lock your wifi router. Here is how it is typically done. If this doesn't work for your set up try visiting your manufacturers website.

  1. 1) Using your internet browser log on to your router's set-up page. This may be located at not it will be a similar number which should be in your instruction manual. (If you don't have this it can usually be downloaded from the manufacture's website).

  2. 2) You may be asked for a log-in and password. This will be in the instruction manual and will normally be along the lines of 'admin' and 'password' unless you have already changed it. Next look for a section called 'security setting' or 'Wi-Fi Protected Access' or another similar term. Enter a password making sure it isn't anything obvious. You can test passwords with a password checker.

  3. 3) Save the password and you're done!

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