Thursday, 18 June 2009

Mobile Broadband Demographic Widens

When mobile broadband was first launched it was mostly the preserve of white collar workers. Business men up and down the country were connecting on trains and during business meetings to collect their emails and exchange data. The portable and flexible nature of mobile broadband suited those who were often on the road or who commuted to work.

Now mobile broadband is used by a wide section of society. Some of the best mobile broadband deals come with free laptops targeting those who do not have a fixed landline or a computer yet. Increasing coverage and rising speeds make mobile broadband a real contender when considered amongst the full range of options.

The demographic is now hard to pin down as dongles are used by an increasingly large percentage of the population. Those at university are a booming market as they are able to move freely whilst maintaining their connection without being locked into restrictive contracts. Pay as you go mobile broadband allows them to keep control of costs by paying in advance.

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