Friday, 26 June 2009

Mobile Phones: the Future of the Internet.

Mobile internet is growing fast with the release of more Android handsets (including the new HTC Hero) and the new iPhone leading the way. The bad old days of WAP connections and web pages incompatible with mobile browsing are on the way out. Mobile phones with full internet browsing capabilities are starting to emerge and mobile browsing looks to be the future.

Reportedly half of the world's population has a mobile phone with developing countries being the fastest growing markets. Mobile phone technology continues to improve and in the future those who cannot afford a fixed line connection will be able to connect via their mobile phone. As internet compatible handsets become more affordable and data charges are reduced the market continues to grow.

Improvements to the 3G infrastructure are needed in order for coverage to become more widespread but in larger cities a good signal is easy to come by. The availability of free wifi connections in public areas and coffee shops means that users can switch between wireless and 3G connections in order to get the most from their mobile device.

It seems that the idea of using a physical phone line to connect to the internet is fast becoming outdated. Good riddance to it.

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